Indians And Recognition

India is a huge country , a country with a population of approx. 1.4 billion people , with people speaking different languages , following different religions , having totally different mindset and upbringing. But one thing all the Indians have in common is the thirst of recognition from foreign countries; their opinions! their thoughts! ughhh!

Whenever we see some famous international personality’s opinion on India whether its some positive or negative thing , it goes viral on social media , and becomes a huge thing. Remember when Barak Obama told he carries a little Hanuman statuette in his pocket?, when Rihanna tweeted about farmers protest? or when a foreigner visits India? , all the people gives so much attention , they gather around , asking for selfies etc.

WHY? Why?? are we so hungry and eager to know what other countries think about us , why we need give a damn? We never see Americans gathering around Indian tourists or European people asking for selfies with Indian tourists , they don’t care what our Bollywood stars think. So, why we get so much affected when some views are made on our country? Why don’t people understand that they are blessed to be born in India , a country so so rich in cultures and values.

We don’t need recognition from the West or as a matter of fact from anyone to tell whether our country is great or not . We ourselves are smart enough to know our strengths and weaknesses and need no validation from anyone.

If this continues we’ll still be a “SLAVE”!


~ V.M


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